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Another Time, SU Election

# 没有名字的人




“I was a dreamer.” 没有人知道他为什么要用听不懂的语言说话,以下忠实地记录了他全部的独白:

“I once had a dream to take every single person in this community seriously, to give everyone a voice, to allow everyone to join academic talks without shackles of inferiority or fear.

“I acknowledged that we should always value People. And that is because we, the people, not one more, not one less, composes this community, this very community that we cherish. The communion with my friends and colleagues only firmed my belief that the community would be better off with such fundamental principles. People laughed, people cried, people awed, they aligned with me, for once.

“I tried so hard in pursuit of my own dream, this dream to value everyone as individuals unique and special. We even had a little team to put it into action.

“But there is only one problem. That is the grim fact that I am failing. Both mentally and physically.

“At first, I lost my voice when I ask teachers and scholars for participation in our events. I took it as a mere temporary malady. But days, weeks, months passed, things just got worse. I didn’t even have the guts to ask my best team to work alongside me. Orders no more, communion no more, words no more. I backed off, from what I believed so much in.

“I failed my dream, I failed myself, I failed you.

“But the woman standing right here did not.

“She was my successor, one much better. She was once a member of my team, a diligent one, not only diligent in learning procedures of work, but also in learning the ways of my dream. I didn’t gave her much, but she started to pick up where I left off, in a smarter way.

“Reading groups in a series, politics training camp. What I see is someone bringing my dream into reality in my place. People started to join, acquaint and love each other because of her. A community was rebuilt and renewed because of her.

“She talks less, but does more. She deserves your vote, my fellow students.”

# 幡然