# A Poor Student

I inevitably became a poor student since high school.

I do Counter Strike, Hearthstone, Minecraft with my playboy friends, as for me, it’s not how many young years I’ve been wasting, but how many still remains.

With a little luck, I got into a university not so bad. Life gave me a second chance: To be a man never yielding, or continue to be a random ignorant student. I know it’s a tough one. Finally, I told God, that I wanted both a happy life and good score. God remained silent. I took it for granted that it was a yes beneath his tight lips.

It was my second year in college, summer, military training. I chose again to stand to the end. But God decided that I’ve stood for too long. Then, he flipped me into the pile of chess pieces with just a single flick of his finger. He took a hard draw on his cigarette just half-finished, tossed it on the ground and stepped on it almost resentfully. Then, he left the room without saying another word.

I realized that I can’t move. So I lied aside the chessboard the whole following year. Every time sunlight sneaked in through the window panel and climbed up the table, I always told myself, “There should be a player now.” So I could get back to the game. But the truth was, sadly, that no one had been in his room for the whole year, and hence, no chess games.

The day I met with Mrs. Hu, “Sometimes, the simplest and the most genuine happiness comes from just a fried pork chop,” she told us, stirring the pork chop in her bowl of noodles. We know, that our alma mater was striving for plain dumb score, and that she was tired and under great pressure. But we also know that she already knew when to let it go. With this, one could be relaxed even in grave pain. Maybe that’s just what I’m lacking.

Sometimes, being a poor student is tough itself.

# A Geek

I can’t say I’m a geek, because to be honest, I’m not qualified. But actually, I had a dream to be a geek since primary school. At that time, I childishly dreamed that I could sit in the couch, download a few softwares, and breach into others’ computer with a flick of a finger.

Of course, it turned out to be way more complex afterwards. The main difference was the importance of knowing how to create. As one who only know how to use software, I’m just a random user, just a digit in the user statistics.

But even though I can’t be a real geek, I can still be a geeky person, right?

I love to flash ROMs, try out new operating systems, and utilize code to make life easier. And I am happy to do so.

I enjoy every app I use, enjoy every page I see online, and enjoy the hunt for the lifestyle for me in the process of constantly making mistakes. And I could share every single excitement with other compassionate people.

That is why I created this blog. She is my latest tryout to be geeky. Maybe this would be just another failure, but it doesn’t really matter to be a poor student as long as I keep trying and keep working, right?

# A Thank You

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to my parents who raised me, to my roomies who were nice to me, to my friends who are always there when I need help, and to my teachers. Because I could never be me without them, a man ever thinking, trying and sharing.