# Lost and Found

“It’s nuts. I lost my phone.”

“Where did you lose it?”

“I left it on the shelf in the restroom.”

“Why don’t you ask the mall staff?”

“I…I don’t know where to find them, and I’m using the Starbucks Wi-Fi on my iPad right now, so I can’t go too far.”

“Try using ‘Find My iPhone’.”

# Found

I’ve lost my transportation card, water bottle, and most recently, an umbrella. Whether or not you can find lost items all depends on fate. If the ties of destiny in this world have come to an end, the lost item often remains missing forever.

If locating depends on fate, then “Find My iPhone” is ultimately just a means, a path to follow, at best a possibility. But the brilliance of Apple lies in how it shortens the distance between people and kindness so much that one begins to question if they are being watched over by a higher power.

Opening the app, seeing the location still near the mall, I realized that perhaps a kind-hearted person picked up my phone.

Enabling lost mode to prevent any theft from the device.

Entering an emergency contact number, which will be displayed on the lost device, so that a good Samaritan who finds it can call us.

Just two minutes after adding the contact number, my phone rang. On the other end, a kind voice.

My partner almost thought she had to buy a new phone, but somehow, as if by divine intervention, it was found. It’s as if all fate was on our side. On that day, she just happened to have her iPad, which allowed her to open “Find My iPhone”; she just happened to log into Starbucks’ Wi-Fi with the iPad, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to contact me; the kind aunt who picked up the phone just happened to be waiting for her in the shop across from the restroom for almost 20 minutes, until the phone was returned to its rightful owner. It shouldn’t be a coincidence; we were almost within arm’s reach of fate.

# Epilogue

To quote the famous post-modernist poet, Steamed Fish 🐟, good things always come with difficulties.

After retrieving the phone, I disabled the lost mode but found that my campus card linked to Apple Pay still couldn’t be used, failing to read when near the card reader. After trying various card readers on campus for three days to no avail, I had to contact the school’s tech support, but they were just as clueless. Finally, after checking the card details on Apple Pay, I realized that the card was still in lost mode independently of the phone. Once I removed it, it worked normally.

Further searching online, I found an Apple Official Note stating:

【Note】 When your device is in “Lost Mode,” and any cards (credit cards, debit cards, student IDs, or transit cards) linked to Apple Pay are suspended, you can start using your cards again after turning off “Lost Mode” and signing back into iCloud.