After years of waiting, the so-called moving finally came. As the Town Hall commands, the old houses they built with their own hands have come to their last days before they tremble and collapse in the face of bulldozers.

I saw them mix up the cement and carefully stuff it between the red bricks when they built it, I heard that they travel half the city to find good carpenters to craft fine pieces of furniture for themselves and generations to pass on, and I realised it was grandpa who covered the grapes with plastic bags so that they could thrive beyond the birds' reach and it was grandma who carries buckets of water and fertiliser to the field and fresh vegetables back on our dinner table. It all happened when they are younger, and both my dear grandpa and grandma are to be in their seventies in a year or two. The moving has lasted for months, and the trouble has almost taken away the two old men's vigour and peaceful life.

They seem to be so economical, as they always do. Everything you thought as unneeded and tossed away may be found in their thirty square metres temporary house. And they would argue for they don't want to 'waste' 50 bucks on a new screen door and insist they could do the carpenter's job. It looked as if they were never old in their own thoughts.

But when I ask granny what she think of the temporary house where she and grandpa would spend their next five years, she give in and told me it was too small to live in with tear streaming down her wrinkled face. Seemed tough, still, they couldn't bear that their own house crafted with love and patience would turn into ruin so easily – someone named it, and it is gone.

Contradiction lies between. Mr. Obama could have enjoyed his peaceful afterlife, but he chose to stand up for Obamacare once more. Kafka could have been a nice staff at the insurance company but he wouldn't as his concern lies among the weak and the poor. I believe that whatever my grandparents have said, they had given up too much and they deserved more – our love and care. I wish them the best, and hope the five years of waiting will be a small and happy period of time instead of becoming a time of pain.